We’re Growing on the Internet!

Here at Callahan and Freeman, Inc. we love when our employees find great ways to help our business grow and stay competitive in the auto parts market.

With so many manufacturers and options for our clients to choose from, we have to stay on top of the latest trends in marketing.

 You may have heard…

that we recently solicited bids from website and SEO design companies to help us improve our visibility on the internet.

Blake, our amazing IT Specialist encouraged us to consider a website upgrade, as a way to bring in more business and help us stay competitive in the global marketplace.

We received bids from all over the country and from companies large and small. And in the end we selected a smaller (but enormously creative and really dynamic and powerful!) firm, QC’s Web Design and SEO (www.qcswebdesignseo.com), to help our business grow.

Here’s how QC’s Web Design and SEO is going to help us!

Our website has needed an upgrade for awhile now. We’ve had lots of comments from our customers that our site isn’t easy to navigate.

Blake tells us that websites that are easy to get around in do better in internet rankings. So, step one, improve our website.

QC’s Web Design and SEO proposed a great new website that gives us a modern look and is easy to navigate. Once this step is near completion, we will roll out the site to all employees for comment and review.

 With a new website…

we then need to create site content that will attract new customers and give us top Google rankings.

QC’s Web Design and SEO will then help us create great content that is search engine optimized. What does this mean? Well, we will work QC’s staff to help us design blog posts, and information that uses specific key words that are used frequently in searches, to get us to the top of the search engine results.

This is an important part of helping Callahan and Freeman, Inc. be competitive with all the other parts manufacturers.

As we start growing on the internet we encourage all of our employees to give their input on these important changes!