We had a great time last week in Louisville–where we all took our first ride in a limousine!


I don’t know who had the idea to do it; I honestly can’t remember. Was it Lois? Or Virginia? Or Jerry? Or me?

The four of us went to Louisville last week, as you all know, to man the booth of Callahan and Freeman, Inc. at the Louisville Auto Parts Show.

 The show was a big success; we passed out more than a thousand brochures, and came home with hundreds of business cards of potential new customers.

And we also came back with the business card of Mr. Harry Jacobsen, from Limos in Louisville.

Harry was the chauffeur who took us all over Louisville on the Sunday after the Auto Parts Show ended (the last day was Saturday). Our plane didn’t fly back home to San Francisco until Monday morning, so we had the whole day Sunday off.

And somehow, I don’t remember how, while we were having breakfast at the hotel that morning, we decided to spend two or three hours that afternoon viewing the sights of Louisville through the smoked glass windows in the luxurious passenger compartment of a long stretch limousine.




None of us had ever been in limousine before, so it was quite an adventure as I’m sure that all of you can imagine.

Callahan and Freeman is a good company, but it’s not the sort of company that pays its employees (as I’m sure all of you can attest) enough to go riding around in long and luxurious stretch limousines.

I must tell you that while I was sitting back there in that luxurious limo I felt like I was a passenger from down in steerage who had somehow sneaked up to the first class cabin.

Boy, it was sure different in there! When you’re in one of those swank and luxurious limousines you feel like you’re in another world.

And Harry Jacobsen, our chauffeur, was really great too. He kept up a constant patter during the whole trip, telling us all about the sights of Louisville. It seemed to me like there was nothing he didn’t know.

So my recommendation to you is this: if personnel picks you to go to the Louisville Auto Parts Show, be sure to go.

And while you’re there, take a nice ride with the people from Limos in Louisville!